Angel's Dream Ballet Class
Angel's Dream offers standard classic ballet classes to those who desire to be professional dancers and to those who just want to keep up their health and be in better shape with regular exercise. Practicing ballet with beautiful music is a perfect way to keep in shape, but it also is a great method of relaxation. You can choose your classes to match your level and purpose of learning ballet.
Class teacher: Naomi Hashimoto

The 2nd Recital

The 1st Recital

Ballet Class Info
Registration Fee (one time): 10,000 yen
Class Fee (monthly): 7,000 yen
You can start the class any time of the year. Children's classes are for 3 years old and up. There are classes for adults, starting for beginners as well as more experienced dancers. We welcome visitors who want to observe the various classes and even to participate for a free trial lesson. Please call to ask more details.
Cinderella class: Hobby and health for adult
Aurora class: Senior class for university student from the junior high school
Mermaid class: Middle class for middle-grade to upper-grade of primary school student
Crara clas: Beginner's class for lower-grade of primary school student
Angel class: Introductory class for preschooler

Naomi Hashimoto
Dancing ballet since she was 7 years old.
In 1990, graduated Hachioji Higashi High School in Tokyo
In 1994, graduated Ochanomizu University
In 1994, joined Asami Maki Ballet Tokyo
In 1996, won the first place at All Japan Ballet Contest
In Present, member of the Asami Maki Ballet Tokyo, and Chambre Ouest companies, dancing lead parts at their performances.